Our first walk around Video

Here at NovaCars we like to think we have embraced online as a method for getting word out about our cars. At a recent marketing meeting we discussed what we could do to improve and decided to give “walk around video” a go. We spent a little time looking at how other dealers were doing it and felt with a bit of NovaCars know how that we could improve upon what we had seen. We have spent the last couple of weeks trying to work out the best way to present some of our vehicles on video. Walk around videos are fast becoming the preferred method for showing cars online so Jamie and Neil have gone all “Ridley Scott” trying to put together a NovaCars “Oscar winner” rather than a “Video Nasty!”

How We Did It

To start off with Neil just got his iPhone and began taking some video footage shots of different angles of the car, cut it together in iMovie and output it to YouTube. The results were pretty uninspiring. A plan was needed.

How do you show your customer the best bits of a car?

We began by making a checklist. If you were interested in buying a car what would you want to know?

  1. Cost
  2. Any special features
  3. What it looks like.
  4. Information presented quickly.
Walk round video - A storyboard how we wish we could have done it.

A professional looking storyboard

Then we set about coming up with a storyboard or shot plan. A storyboard is a sketch that outlines the different shots you will need for your video. This is a part of the creative process for cinema and animation and as you can see from the professional example these can be very detailed.

Neil’s Unprofessional Looking Storyboard

Unfortunately, both Jamie and Neil are graphically challenged, as neither could draw particularly well. The comparison between our storyboard and the professional one shows that Neil didn’t have the talent to make it into art school, it does show roughly how the video should look which is what it is designed to do.

Armed with their storyboard, Jamie and Neil set about taking the required shots. This takes much longer than you would think and a number of shots had to be redone. Even though this is a short video it still took nearly an hour to collect the footage as both practised with the equipment to capture the shot as faithfully as possible.

Editing & Rendering

Having a shot list made the editing process relatively easy, there were a few issues with some of the footage, the internal shots were not quite as usable as we though when we first shot them, but rather than try and reshoot it, we decided this is something we could improve on next time. We undertook the editing in Final Cut Pro and Neil recorded his dulcet tones onto his phone and then cleaned it up in Adobe Audition.

The finished Version

Overall we were reasonable pleased with our first attempt, some of the shots could be improved and that is something we will focus on in the future. Have a look at the final result. What do you think? Any suggestions?