4 reasons to buy a nearly new car rather than brand new.

4 reasons to buy a nearly new car

Buying a nearly new car rather than a brand new car offers some significant financial advantages over a brand new equivalent. For many people, buying a car is the most expensive purchase they are likely to make other than buying a house. So the decision as to how best spend your money is not one to be taken lightly. Dealerships often have deals for new vehicles on the forecourt particularly around this time of the year, however before you make your final decision, give some consideration to nearly new.

1 Save thousands of pounds on new car prices

Its a fact of life, cars depreciate in value. You can lose as much as 35% in value of many cars in the first year alone. This is where nearly new cars offer an advantage over brand new. VAT and registration fees have already been paid and so you can see significant savings buying a 6 month old car. To give an example, list price for a BMW 320d 2.0 M Sport Shadow Edition Touring 5dr Auto (Sport) with BMW Navigation, heated front seats and leather upholstery has an on the road price of £41,000. The nearly new equivalent, 6 months old with 9,000 miles on the clock is £23,999

2 New Car Features

If it is the latest technology and safety features you are after, fear ye not! most of these vehicles are the latest models and so often include all of the latest in-car entertainment such as heated seats, Apple Car play or automatic dual zone climate control.

3 Manufacturers Warranty

It is normal for most brand new cars to come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty, some manufacturers offer 5 years and some even offer 7 years. Whatever the warranty the balance is transferrable on a nearly new car, so if the nearly new car is 6 months old you would still have 2.5 years of manufacturers warranty left.

4.Finance deals

Its true dealerships often use low rate finance to entice people into buying new cars, but many of these deals are not limited to new car finance. NovaCars can find finance for nearly new cars starting from 4.9% APR*

Whether your car is for the everyday commute or for weekend pleasure trips, having a car that is reliable and cheap to run inevitably drives people to consider changing their car on a reasonably regular basis, a nearly new car, while not fresh out of the wrapper, still offers that “new car feel” without the pain in your wallet.

*Finance interest rates subject to status and credit rating.